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Complete Data Science Roadmap 2020 for Data Scientist

Develop Your Career in Data Science With Complete Data Science Roadmap 2020 for Data Scientist Learning Path. Start your career in Data Science with Complete Data Science Roadmap 2020 Learning Path which includes online courses and an E-book on Data Science. Complete Roadmap for Data Scientist. Learning Step by step guide to understand and build your skills in Data Science. This Complete Roadmap for Data Scientist Courses Path includes hand-picked courses which will help you to learn Data Science without any difficulties. It includes Python and Data Science, a Premium E-Book on Data Science, and Projects in Data Science. ENROLL NOW to master Data Science!

Complete Data Science Roadmap 2020 for Data Scientist

Complete Data Science Roadmap 2020 for Data Scientist

1. Data Science for Beginners - Ebook Course

This data science ebook helps you start with data science concepts and will provide you a complete overview of what is required to build your your skills. Wish to learn Data Science from scratch? Check out the premium e-book and master the concepts of Data Science and Machine Learning.

Instructor: Eduonix Learning Solutions  11 Lectures

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2. Python + Data Science: Practical Guide Course

Python + Data Science : Practical Guide [13 Hours] Learn Data Science + Python to do Web Scraping, Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Deep Learning. Master data science with python and explore web scraping, data analysis and visualization, machine learning and deep learning. Enroll in our practical guide now

Instructor: Eduonix Learning Solutions with 13 Hours and 74 Lectures

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3. Data Science for Business: Financial Sectors Course

Financial industries need to automate risk analytics in order to carry out strategic decisions for the company. Data science is now a mainstream business tool. It is applied across many industries to increase profits, reduce costs, save lives and improve customer. Data science is growing in power, revolutionizing diverse business sectors. One of them is finance.

Instructor: Daniel Mandachi  with 1 Hours and 10 Lectures

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4. Projects in Data Science Course

Data science projects are a great way to expand your current skillset. We've put together 6 such open source data science projects for you. Latest Online Python for Data Science tutorial is Here! Learn about regression, data visualization, decision tree and much more. Become a Professional Data Scientist.

Instructor: Eduonix Learning Solutions with 4 Hours and 41 Lectures

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5. Path - Project Data Science

A complete project on building a linear regression model for predicting breast cancer is provided to ensure the proper learning of Data Science skills.

6. Certificate of Accomplishment

Generate your certificate after completing your Complete Roadmap for Data Scientist path.

GET ALL Courses Path for The Complete Data Science Roadmap 2020 for Data Scientist

>>> Complete Data Science Roadmap 2020 <<<

Included:  136 Lectures  with 18 Hours video courses

Instructor:  driven project, Eduonix Learning Solutions, and Daniel Mandachi

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