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Blockchain Learning Path 2020 for Software Developer

Blockchain Learning Path 2020 for Software Developer. A complete collection to understand and master Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technologies. Do you want to master one of the most trending technologies of the 21st century? If Yes, then this path is created just for you! It gives you in-depth insights into Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. It includes courses focusing on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, Hyperledger Fabric and Composer, and Learning Python to Build a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. ENROLL NOW and GET Blockchain Learning Roadmap.

Blockchain Learning Path 2020 for Software Developer
This Blockchain Learning Path 2020 will provide you a complete understanding of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technologies. Learn to create a real-world Blockchain solution now!

Blockchain Learning Path 2020 for Software Developer Colleagues

1. Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies for Beginners Course

Start creating real world blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions with this beginner course. Explore now to learn more about bitcoin and ethereum cryptocurrency

Instructor: Eduonix Learning Solutions with 7.5 Hours Tutorials and 53 Lectures

Enroll Here

2. Hyperledger Fabric and Composer - First Practical Blockchain Course

Enroll in this blockchain tutorial and learn how to build first practical blockchain with hyperledger and composer from scratch

Instructor: Mohammad Nauman with 1.5 Hours and 16 Lectures

Enroll Here

3. Python - The Practical Guide Course

In this course you will learn Python from scratch & how to build Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Want to make exciting projects ? Enroll now.

Instructor: Academind with 17.5 Hours and 204 Lectures

Enroll Here

4. Project - Blockchain

At the end, you have to complete a project requiring implementation of a simple crowdfunding system based on the blockchain.

5. Certificate of Accomplishment

Generate your certificate after completing your Blockchain Learning Path for Developer path.

GET All Blockchain Learning Path 2020 for Software Developer

>> Blockchain Learning Path for Developer <<< 

Included: 273 Lectures with  26.5 Hours

Instructor : driven project, Eduonix Learning Solutions, Mohammad Nauman, Academind

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