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8 Best Docker Masterclass Online Course to Learn Docker and Kubernetes

A complete bundle to learn & master everything about Docker from scratch! With this Docker Masterclass you can Build, Test, Deploy Containers with Docker, Docker Ecosystem, Compose, Docker Swarm and Registry using DevOps. ENROLL NOW and become Kubernetes and Docker: The Container Masterclass

Docker Masterclass

Best Docker and Kubernetes Tutorial on Eduonix

1. Learn App Development with Docker From Scratch

Learning Docker | Docker Tutorial | Learn Docker App Development. Learn Docker that allows to quick app creation & access from multiple sources for developers. Get started to building your apps on Docker at Eduonix Online Tutorial. Get to learn the hottest container technology to build ship and run your distributed applications. Docker is one of the fastest growing virtualization technology company and is already handling IT infrastructure of numerous companies both big and small. This is of the coolest tools for developers in recent years and you must use it to learn its power and ease. Docker allows quick app creation by assembling of components and allows the app access from multiple sources making it easy to produce and test.

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2. Docker for Professionals: The Practical Guide

Docker Training | Docker Course for Beginners. Docker simplifies creating, shipping & deploying applications in any environment regardless of the operating system. Learn Docker from scratch in this course. Want to create an app on Linux and test it on Windows or OSX? Now you can! No need to create special virtual machines anymore, all you need is Docker. This nifty tool simplifies the process of creating, shipping and deploying applications without having to worry about the environment it is being run on. Docker also does not alter any system files and only allows access to the system files that it has received permission for. Done with your app? Simply uninstall the Docker container and viola, its done. Docker does not alter or manipulate any internal system files, which means installing and uninstalling Docker will leave your system intact.

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3. The Docker for DevOps : From development to production

Developing & Deploying Web Apps with Docker DevOps Tutorial. Take docker devops course which explains how devops and docker works. Start your devOp career with docker devOps tutorial. This Docker DevOps course isn’t just a simple introduction course, but includes so much more than that. In addition to the introduction, basics and important concepts of Docker and DevOps, this course also focuses on what you can build with Docker and how you can do it.

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4. Scaling Docker on AWS

Learn to Deploy Docker Basics with Amazon Web Service (AWS). Learn using docker with aws which explains Amazon ECS, docker basics & docker deployment. Get the best jobs in devops or cloud computing with aws docker tutorial. The main component in this course is to focus on learning exactly how you can scale your web applications using Docker and AWS. The course will focus majorly on the Amazon ECS, Amazon’s EC2 Container Service and how it will manage a cluster of Docker containers.

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5. Docker Apache Mesos & DCOS Run and manage cloud datacenter

Run Your Cloud Datacenter with Docker, Apache Mesos and DCOS. This Docker tutorial will give you knowledge about Docker, Apache Mesos, and DC/OS so that you can run your own data center using these elements together. Knowledge and experience about Docker, Apache Mesos and DC/OS could be very valuable for your career. The latest stats and figures show some amazing numbers like jobs requiring these skill sets pay higher than most of the jobs posted on public job boards within the US and annual salaries for professionals could be as high as $120,000. That is the exact reason why you must enroll in this course and take your career to the next level.

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6. Projects in Docker

Learn Docker and Build Real World Projects From Scratch. Docker is a project based in which you will learn docker basics, building real projects using MEAN Stack, build docker container, docker swarm and so on. The course uses a project-based approach, where you learn the basics and core concepts by actually building a real-world project from the ground up. The project will focus on building a blog web application using the MEAN stack and then you’ll learn how to build a Docker container from scratch, from there you’ll learn about Docker Swarm and so on!

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7. Docker for Dummies - The Complete Absolute Beginners Guide

Docker Images and Docker Containers are the two essential things that you will come across daily while working with Docker. In simple terms, a Docker Image is a template that contains the application, and all the dependencies required to run that application on Docker. Want to learn Docker and Container online? Check this complete tutorial on Docker and Container for beginners. Get started to learn docker step-by-step easily.

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8. DevOps Project: CI/CD with Git Jenkins Ansible Docker Kubernetes

Create DevOps CI/CD with Jenkins, Ansible, Docker & Kubernetes. Get hands-on training to create DevOps CI/CD pipelines using Git, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, and Kubernetes on AWS. Enroll and learn to create projects in DevOps! Do you want to build a CI/CD pipeline using various DevOps tools? then you are at the right place. Here you can see a CI/CD pipeline by using tools using Git, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, and Kubernetes. This gives some light on how the IT industry uses DevOps.

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Instructors: Eduonix Learning Solutions, Nick Janetakis, Manuj Aggarwal, Abhilash Nelson, AR Shankar

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