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Best +20 DevOps Online Courses on Mighty DevOps Bundle Deals

Best +20 DevOps Online Courses on Mighty DevOps Bundle Deals. Become an expert with this online Devops Bundle consisting of HIGH RATED online courses on on DevOps pipeline, Docker, Jenkins, Git, Kubernetes, Python Bundle, Programming Bundles, Software Bundle Deals, Aws Cloud Development Bundle & Stackskills Bundles. ENROLL NOW and Pay What You Want Bundles

Best 20 DevOps Online Courses on Mighty DevOps Bundle Deals

Best 22 DevOps Online Courses You Must to Learn in 2020

1. Fundamentals of Unix and Linux System Administration

Learn Linux operating system and how to easily handle, and manage the complete backend infrastructure. Be first to enroll for this comprehensive Linux course.

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2. Learn Devops With Jenkins All in One Guide

Jenkins tutorial is designed for newbies and includes practical examples that help to build applications. Master continuous integration with jenkins tutorial.

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3. The Docker for DevOps : From development to production

Docker DevOps tutorial focuses on practical aspects of automated deployment of web application from scratch. Take & Enjoy docker devops course now

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4. AWS MasterClass: DevOps w/ AWS Command Line Interface (CLI)

AWS DevOps allows you to manage your cloud services in an easy & efficient manner with AWS command line interface which is an automated toolset.

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5. Project in DevOps - Learn Real World DevOps

DevOps for beginners course will help to reduces the gap between Software development and operation. Take devOps course and become a devOps engineer now.

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6. AWS MasterClass: Monitoring and DevOps with AWS CloudWatch

In this AWS cloud tutorial, master how to use AWS & alter & monitor your AWS cloud monitoring services that is available in AWS using Cloudwatch.

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7. DevOps on AWS : Learn to set up your infrastructure on cloud

Introduction to DevOps on AWS course that describes the basics of DevOps principles and practices, AWS tools and how they can be implemented on AWS.

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8. DevOps CI&CD with Jenkins pipelines Maven Gradle

Become a complete devops developer by building continuous integration and continuous delivery with jenkins pipeline, maven, gradle. Enroll in our devops course.

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9. Projects in Linux - Learn Linux Doing Real World Projects

In this Linux projects course you will learn 8 different projects and concepts from scratch. Enroll in this course and become a Linux developer now.

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10. Scripting Essentials for DevOps

In this scripting essentials course you will learn about scripting languages or programming languages such as bash, ruby & python which will help you build real projects from scratch

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11. Learn To Build DevOps Pipeline On Azure Cloud

Master DevOps and learn technologies such as VSTS, azure dev tools, and Kubernetes. Enroll in our Azure cloud tutorial to build and automate DevOps pipeline now

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12. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer: Get 3 Certifications 2020

Register for an online course on AWS Certified DevOps Engineer and EARN 3 certificates on DevOps Engineer, Cloud Practitioner, Solutions Architect Associate.

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13. AWS CodePipeline: DevOps CI/CD Masterclass 2019

Learn to build a complete DevOps CI/CD pipeline using AWS CodePipeline with this online tutorial. Sign up now to master AWS CodeStar, Codecommit, and CodeBuild!

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14. DevOps Project: CI/CD with Git Jenkins Ansible Docker Kubernetes

Get hands-on training to create DevOps CI/CD pipelines using Git, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, and Kubernetes on AWS. Enroll and learn to create projects in DevOps!

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15. DevOps Fundamentals Gain Solid Understanding

Gain complete understanding of DevOps fundamentals with this online tutorial. Register now to learn about Agile, Scrum framework and CI/CD with demos.

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16. Complete DevOps Gitlab & Kubernetes: Best Practices Bootcamp

Learn complete DevOps integration with Gitlab and Kubernetes in this online tutorial. Sign up now to master DevOps best practices of Bootcamp step-by-step.

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17. DevOps Fundamentals With Agile Gain Solid Understanding

Gain complete understanding of DevOps fundamentals with Agile integration. With this online tutorial, learn DevOps lifecycle, methodologies & other concepts today!

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18. Jenkins With DevOps For Developers: Beginners Course

Learn to configure java, manage users and security credentials for Jenkins with DevOps. Enroll to this basic Jenkins tutorial for developers to build CI pipeline.

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19. Mastering Jenkins CI with Amazon AWS: Build DevOps Pipeline

Implement and integrate Jenkins continuous integration CI with Amazon AWS Beanstalk using Github. DevOps in action.

20. Red Hat OpenShift With Jenkins DevOps For Beginners

Take this online course to master Red Hat OpenShift with Jenkins from scratch. Enroll now to learn the fundamentals of Kubernetes and Docker with this beginners tutorial!

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21. The Complete DevOps Engineer Course 2.0 - Java & Kubernetes

Master DevOps with this online course to become a DevOps Engineer. Begin with this comprehensive tutorial to learn Java and Kubernetes to build scalable web apps!

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22. CICD (DevOPs Tools) for Automation Testers (Selenium)

In this online tutorial, you will learn about various DevOps tools that are required for Automation testing. Get started now to master CICD in-depth.

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